We live in magnificent times of progress and achievement, we live in turbulent times of hate and horror between the two our world undulates, never giving us a steady moment, for there is so much to do, so much to balance. Our efforts and energies are directed at giving each and every child who crosses over the threshold every opportunity to think creatively, to express confidently and to become better at handling, the events of life, be they in school, at home or anywhere else. This indeed is the focus of all our programmes and activities. Over the years I have been delighted to watch our young students surpass themselves in the classroom, the sports arena as well as at various competitions and contests they participate in.

Wide gamut of activities kindle the insatiable desire to explore, experiment and learn.

The learning environment in school promotes the desire for gaining knowledge and provides stimulating education which develops logical and analytical skills. Spiritual, emotional, physical and cognitive domains are built up and form an integral part of school life.

We are committed towards creating and maintaining value based, high quality school environment.