Trust yourself. Create the kind of life you desire to live happily throughout your life. Galaxian International School believes that each child has a right to get beat and quality education. Our aim is to enhance a child and his capabilities.

The teachers will be very tender towards the children and this will enhance their learning capabilities which will give them a good and sound foundation to start their academic and education career.

The philosophy of our Vedic culture is enshrined in the motto "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" (the whole world is one family). Our attempt is to fulfill the growing need for education of international standards founded on our ancient culture, heritage, moral values and spirituality.

I selected this beautiful and serene campus setting, free from the pressure of urban life.

The school is well equipped physically and professionally to achieve this object with the help of latest special activities which help in their physical and mental development. For increasing their general knowledge the school provides many extra curricular activities like games, audio/visual shows of music and cartoons, animal and plant life education which will help a child to improve in both academic and extra-curricular activities. This further develops the personality of a child and by this he can be a successful person in future.

In order to develop in boys and girls a sense of self-assurance and self reliance. Respect for people and culture is at the heart of school's belief. It is an ideal place of learning both in and beyond the class-room.

With best wishes and prayers for the welfare, happiness and ideal education for one and all.