Transport :

The school provides transport facilities on contract basis. The school does not accept any responsibility for any delays / accidents / mishaps.


The school accepts no responsibility for providing transport for extra curricular activities.

  Games :

Games are considered to be an integral part of the school curriculum and every encouragement must be offered to a student to taken an active part in games. Games build character.

The students may be required to stay after school for games and the parents will have to make arrangements to take them back.


The school provides facilities for various indoor and outdoor games.

Laboratory :

Galaxian International School has well equipped physics, biology, chemistry labs to provide practical knowledge and to satisfy the scientific zeal of the students.

Library :

The school has an excellent library to encourage children to read varied subjects. There are lots of books of different subjects and on different topic.

The school provides daily newspaper both in Hindi and English, magazines, journals to gain knowledge and it will keep them up dated.

Computer Education :

Quality education today is a mantra and educational technology is a pre-requisite for the success. The School is providing the computer education to the students from class 1st onwards. School has a well equipped computer lab with internet facility.

Books & Stationery

All Books And Stationery Are Sold In The School Stationery Book Shop. The Books And Stationery Are Maintained By The Parents With Their Children.

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