> Registration forms are available from the school office during the time when the registrations are open in the month of December.
> The registration form must be filled as per instructions and submitted to the school office.
> The admission will be given after the interaction with the child & His / Her Parents.
> The Birth / Transfer Certificate of the child must be submitted along with the admission form.
> The registration fee is not refundable.
> After registration, depending on the vacancies available, the admission will be given after the interaction with the child & His / Her parents.
> The decision of selection for admission rests solely with the school Principal or his / her representative.
> Registration does not entitle the child for admission idiomatically.
> Even after admission is granted, the principal can, at any time, have a studentís name removed from the school roll, if In the Principalís sole discretion, the student has failed to abide by the discipline of the school and his / her presence is detrimental to the interest of other students of the school the student can also be asked to leave the school if he / she has failed to come up to the required academic standard of the school.
> The school management is NOT liable for any loss of property, damage / charges on account of injuries, fatal or otherwise, which may be sustained by the student, at any time during his / her stay in the school bus or while taking part in studies, sports and extra Ė curricular activities or any other form of activities of the school within or outside of the school premises.
> The parent will sign an agreement with the management, which will be In the admission form.
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