Syllabus / Curriculum

The medium of instruction is English, but Hindi is given equal importance. Apart from this, the subjects and activities are structured to suit the needs and age of the different groups and classes.

Singing, games, art and craft are regular activities, which constitute the Curriculum.

Various kinds of equipments are provided and special care and arrangements are made to create an atmosphere conductive for a child to begin his / her first stage of schooling and to develop skill, thereby preparing him / her for further schooling.

The school affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi for the All India Senior Certificate Examination (AISSCE). The streams Offered are:

Subjects for classes IX & X

 Compulsory Subjects
> English
> Hindi
> Social Science
> Mathematics
> Science


Subjects for classes XIth & XIIth

Science : Hindi, English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
Commerce : Hindi, English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics Math
Humanities* : English, History, Geography, Economics, Political Science

Besides VOCATIONAL subjects are also available.

Home Work

Parents / Guardians are requested to make time for the child to cover his / her homework and to see that it is done and to sign the homework diary each day.

Classes & Age Requirements Class Age at the start of the academic session (April)
1 Play Group 02 + Years
2 Nursery 03 + Years
3 Kindergarten 04 + Years
4 Class I 05 + Years
5 Class II 06 + Years
6 Class III 07 + Years
7 Class IV 08 + Years
8 Class V 09 + Years
9 Class VI 10 + Years
10 Class VII 11 + Years
11 Class VIII 12 + Years
12 Class IX 13 + Years
13 Class X 14 + Years
14 Class XI 15 + Years
15 Class XII 16 + Years

The school will normally closed by middle of May and reopens by starting of July in summer and will close by middle end of December and reopens by the middle of January in winter.

School Timings

Playgroup, Nursery, & KG (Monday – Saturday)

7:30 A.M – 12:20 A.M (Summer).
8:30 A.M - 01:10 P.M (Winter)

For primary, Middle & secondary Classes

7:30 A.M To 12:20 P.M (Summer)
8:30 A.M To 02:30 P.M (Winter)
 Office Hours (Monday To Saturday)

7:20 A.M To 01:00 P.M (Summer)
8:30 A.M To 01:30 P.M (Winter)
During Summer And Winter Vacations

09:30 Am To 01:30 Pm
 Principal’s Interview Hours

Summer 09:00 Am To 10:00 Am
Winter 09:00 Am To 10:00 Am


Summer Girls (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Skirt – Black (P.G. - Vii), Shirt – Sky Blue, Suit – Navy Blue With White Dots (Vii - XII), Ribbon – Navy Blue, Shoes – Black, Socks – Navy Blue

Summer Girls (Wednesday & Saturday)

Skirt – White (P.G. - Vii), Shirt – Navy Blue With Checks, Suit – White With Blue Dupatta (Vii - XII), Ribbon – White, Shoes – White, Socks – Gray


Summer Boys (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Shirt – Sky Blue, Pant – Black, Shoes – Black, Socks – Navy Blue


Summer Boys (Wednesday & Saturday)

Shirt – Navy Blue With Checks, Pant – White, Shoes – White, Socks – Grey


Winter (Boys & Girls)

Track Suit – Green (Wed. & Sat.), Coat – Grey, Sweater – Grey, Socks – Grey


Summer (Boys & Girls)

Shoes – Black, Socks – Navy Blue, (Mon., Tue., Thurs., Friday)
Shoe – White, Socks - Grey, (Wed. & Sat.)

Examinations / Assessments
Playgroup to class VIII will have two term-end exam. Their final will be assessed on the basis of their day – to – day work Assessment is carried out as per CCE (Continuous & Comprehensive evaluation)

A child has to pass in all subjects in order to earn a promotion the next class. Promotion only based on Final Result which is the average of all the examinations.

Parents / Teacher meetings
Parents are NOT permitted to go to the class room and talk to the teachers or their ward at any time.
Parents will meet the teachers at the parent – teacher meetings which will be held on 15th of every month.

In case of withdrawal of a child from school, on calendar month’s written advance notice has to be given, failing which one month’s fees have to be paid in lieu of the same.
No transfer Certificate will be issued before all dues are cleared. If a transfer Certificate is not collected by the end of leaving the School a fee of Rs 200/- (Rupees two hundred only) will be charged.

House System
Pupils are places in one of the four houses:-
Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta

Under the house captains and vice-captains, members of the teaching staff are attached to house so as take a personal interest in the children of their house in studies, games and general welfare. There are regular inter-house competitions in scholastics, PT, Spots and games with a view to inculcating team spirit.

S.U.P.W. (Social Useful Productive Work)
This has been introducing in order to make the student useful to society and also to inculcate a sense if dignity of lab our.

Parents are requested to try and make their children aware of their responsibilities in the home and to the persons in the area in which they live.

Book List

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